Every new season (Via), we publish Seeds of Celebration, a document that contains a brief summary of the themes of each of Jubilee!'s upcoming Sunday Celebrations during that time. 

If you are interested in contributing a gift to an upcoming Celebration (song, poetry, prose, dance or other unique gift), look ahead in Seeds to see where it would best fit.  Click here to find out how to share your gift.

Fall 2020 Seeds of Celebration ~ Via Negativa:  Power of Disruption

We enter the Via Negativa as the Fall Equinox and the Jewish Head of the Year (Rosh Hashanah) collide. The Via Negativa is a time of uncertainty, darkness, suffering, and letting go. As we have noted at Jubilee!, “This, too, is a period of celebration as we contemplate the mysteries that surround us, from the black holes of the universe to the nature of our own souls.” This fall's Seeds of Celebration explores the Power of Disruption at each weekly Sunday Celebration beginning September 20th through November 23rd. 

Seeds of Celebration

Power of Disruption ~ Fall 2020

Saying Yes ~ Summer 2020

Choices ~ Spring 2020

Playing in the Key of Life~ Winter 2020

Holiday 2019

Lay It Down ~ Fall 2019

Evolution ~ Summer, 2019

You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet ~ Spring 2019

Winter 2019

Holiday 2018

Living on the Edge ~ Fall 2018

Yes In Deed ~ Summer 2018

You Really Crack Me Up ~ Spring 2018

Mother of Inventions ~ Winter 2018

Holiday 2017

Eye of the Hurricane~ Fall, 2017

C’est le Vie ~ Summer, 2017

Transformation, Liberation & Celebration ~ Spring, 2017

Feel the Rapture ~ Winter, 2017

Holiday, 2016

Treasures & Trash ~ Fall, 2016

The Blessed Mess ~ Summer, 2016

Body Talk  ~ Spring, 2016

“Tree Talk” Winter, 2016

Fall, 2015

Summer, 2015

Spring, 2015

Winter, 2015