Every new season (via), we publish Seeds of Celebration, a brief summary of the themes for each of Jubilee!'s upcoming Sunday Celebrations. 

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Via Transformativa:  Becoming...

The Spring Equinox marks the beginning of the Via Transformativa. Becoming is our theme for the quarter as we seek to embody different states of transformation. Not just to seek healing, but to become healing; not just to love nature, but to recognize we are nature. The light that began creeping back, second by second, after the dark of the Winter Solstice has now reached an equilibrium with the darkness and we turn the corner toward long hours of light. What is illumined by these lengthening days? What can we see more clearly? Like the buds on the spring trees, can we feel ourselves drawn toward the sun’s invitation to burst into bloom? Wonder what we’ll become this time?

Via Transformative 2021:  Becoming...