Every new season (via), we publish Seeds of Celebration, a brief summary of the themes for each of Jubilee!'s upcoming Sunday Celebrations. 

If you are interested in contributing a gift (song, poetry, prose, dance, etc.) to an upcoming Sunday Celebration, look ahead in the Seeds to see where it would best fit.  Click here to find out how to share your gift.

Via Negativa 2021: Into the Mystic

The Via Negativa starts on September 19th and the theme is “Into the Mystic.” We’ll be exploring the insights of a variety of mystics, ancient and modern, Christian and others, all of whom have tapped into that deep river of wisdom flowing beneath all of the world’s religions. Whatever well we’re drinking from, we’re all digging down into the one mystic river of love. Bring your mystic gifts to our circle and let us all drink from your well of creative joy!  Get inspired with Via Negativa's Seeds of Celebration:

Via Negativa 2021:  Into the Mystic