In Creation Spirituality, we divide the year into seasons called "Vias," and every Via, we share Seeds of Celebration, a brief summary of the themes for each of Jubilee!'s upcoming Sunday Celebrations during that time.  The four Vias are:

  • Via Transformativa (Spring, the path of transformation) – The time of natural resurrection, new life springing forth from the Earth and from within us as well.
  • Via Positiva (Summer,  the path of awe) -- During these months, we discover beauty and awe in each other, in ourselves, and in the fascinating world around us.
  • Via Negativa (Fall, the path of release) -- This, too, is a period of celebration as we contemplate the mysteries that surround us, from the black holes of the universe to the nature of our own souls.
  • Via Creativa (Winter, the path of creativity) -- From the apparent dormancy of the winter months, we are called to explore the imagination and creativity that underlie all of creation at every moment.

If you are interested in contributing a gift (song, poetry, prose, dance, story telling or something else) to an upcoming Sunday Celebration, look ahead in the Seeds to see where it would best fit. Inspired to offer a gift at Sunday Celebration?  Contact Laura Collins at


Via Negativa 2023 starts on September 24th with the over arching theme of "Relaxing...into."  Since we are graced by many guest speakers each Via, the Seeds are a work in progress, giving speakers the opportunity to choose their own sub-themes and readings. This allows them to speak more directly from their own hearts, rather than trying to fit into pre-set topics.  The link below will usually have the Seeds for at least the coming month, and will be continually updated as new topics and readings are added.