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Via Creativa 2021:  Rooted & Grounded

"From the apparent dormancy of the winter months, we are called to explore the imagination and creativity that underlie all of creation at every moment."

We survived 2020. We made it through the COVID holidays. We’ve begun a new year. We know turning over the calendar will not magically change the difficulties of 2020. COVID cases and deaths are rising. Our country and our faith community remain in tumultuous transitions. But maybe we are starting this year with some fresh insights from the past year. As we take a deep breath and start anew, let’s reflect on what keeps us Rooted and Grounded. When trees lose all their leaves and appear to be dead, what is happening underground? Let’s go back to the basics of faith. When we pare down to what keeps us (more or less) sane, what do we find? Can we return to Beginner’s Mind, open to whatever this new year may bring.

The Seeds of Celebration for Via Creativa 2021 are still a work in progress and updated versions will be posted as they become available.

Via Creative 2021:  Rooted & Grounded