Every new season, or Via, we share Seeds of Celebration, a brief summary of the themes for each of Jubilee!'s upcoming Sunday Celebrations during that time.  The four Vias are:

  • Via Transformativa (Spring) – The time of natural resurrection, new life springing forth from the Earth and from within us as well.
  • Via Positiva (Summer) -- During these months, we discover beauty and awe in each other, in ourselves, and in the fascinating world around us.
  • Via Negativa (Fall) -- This, too, is a period of celebration as we contemplate the mysteries that surround us, from the black holes of the universe to the nature of our own souls.
  • Via Creativa (Winter) -- From the apparent dormancy of the winter months, we are called to explore the imagination and creativity that underlie all of creation at every moment.

If you are interested in contributing a gift (song, poetry, prose, dance, story telling or something else) to an upcoming Sunday Celebration, look ahead in the Seeds to see where it would best fit. Inspired to offer a gift at Sunday Celebration?  Contact Laura Collins at


Fall – the time when birds leave their summer homes and head south, letting go of the nests where they started new families. The Via Negativa, also known as the Path of Release, arrives this year as Jubilants are letting go at deep levels. As we prepare to leave this lovely nest on 46 Wall Street, we’ll be tuning into our inner compass to find the direction to our next landing place. As the trees release their leaves, we’ll be dropping some of our external trappings and letting our sap flow back down into our roots.

Releasing can be a challenge – full of sadness and darkness. It can also be a relief – an emptying out that lets us release hidden depths of joy and beauty. One way or the other, life invites us into letting go over and over again. Let’s journey down this Path of Release together and see what we learn.