Many videos of past celebrations can be found on the Jubilee! YouTube channel, where you can also browse through many different types of old and new Jubilee! videos.

For your convenience, below are direct links to most of our recent online Celebrations.  We hope to have links to our entire video library available in the near future. 

March 22 with Matthew Fox

March 29 with Laura Collins

April 5 with Geenen Marie Haugen

April 19 with Charles Eisenstein

April 25 with Mirabai Starr

May 12 with George Flemming

May 19th with Barbara Brady

May 26 with Justin Martin

May 31 with Gregg Levoy

June 7 with Jay Joslin

June 14 with Laura Collins

June 21 with Skylar Wilson

June 28 Saying Yes: To Exploration with George Fleming

July 5 Saying Yes: To Play with Barbara Brady

July 12 Saying Yes: To Curiosity with Lauren Fortuna

July 19 Saying  Yes: To Challenge with Laura Collins

July 26 Saying Yes: To Awe with Jackie Dobrinska

August 2 Saying Yes: To Blessings with Justin Martin

August 9 Saying Yes: To The Beloved with Chris Andrews

August 16 Saying Yes: To Perspective & Diversity with Naomi Tutu

August 23 Saying Yes: To Faith with Laura Collins

August 30 Saying Yes: To Adaptation with Laura Collins

September 6 Saying Yes: To Self with Laura Collins

September 13 Saying Yes: To Nature/Gifts of the Earth with Chris Highland

September 20 Disrupting Order with Laura Collins

September 27 Disrupting Distance with Laura Collins

October 4 Disrupting Authority with Jay Joslin

October 11 Disrupting Plans with David LaMotte

October 18 Disrupting Comfort with Laura Collins

October 25 Disrupting the Status Quo with Laura Collins

November 1 Disrupting Life with Daniel Barber

November 8 Disrupting Peace with Laura Collins

November 15 Disrupting Ignorance & Darkness with Rob (Lavelle) Roberts