Original Sin or Original Blessing? Discover the Difference with Jubilee!

According to the founder of the modern Creation Spirituality movement, Matthew Fox, nowhere in the bible does it say that you were born in sin. To him, original sin does not exist. In fact, the bible says the exact opposite. It says “And God looked upon all he had created and called it very good.”  So if that is the case, then none of us were born in original sin! instead, we were born in what Fox calls “original blessing”.

Original sin was not the teaching of the radical rabbi Jesus.  It was popularized by Augustine, and according to the doctrine, humans are born with a sinful nature, descended from Adam, and will be prone to sin. Over the years, original sin has become a mainstay in Christian dogma, used to shame and control people.

Original blessing, on the other hand, sees humans as endowed by the Creator with many gifts and ways of communing with the world.  When you think of yourself as a blessing rather than a sin, how does it change your life?  How does it change the way you live?  How does it change be tthe way you treat your neighbor?

These are the questions we ask at Jubilee!  We don’t care what spiritual path you follow, but we do care how you live. At Jubilee! we follow the practice of Creation Spirituality and original blessing, but also know that all paths lead to the holy.  Rather than emphasize limiting dogma, we see value in mysticism, spirituality and mystery. To this end, we practice the Four Vias. These paths, conceptualized by Creation Spirituality, are celebrated on the arrival of each season. For us, the Four Vias are representations of the myriad of experiences that make up human life and enrich our spirituality.

If the concept of original blessing is more appealing to you than original sin, Jubilee! may be the spiritual community for you.  We welcome everyone from everywhere on any spiritual path to our in person and live streamed Sunday Celebrations.