Jubilee! Community Mini Retreats:  Beginning Again ~ Together

Jubilee! is holding three mini retreats to bring us together in community to explore "what the heck is the Main Thing, any?" and how the four Vias of Creation Spirituality fit into our real world lives.  Our retreat planning team (Laura Collins, Daniel Barber, Maureen Linneman, Michael Smith and Molly Pritchard) is creating a structure to ensure we have a plan to keep us “in the flow” and not so loosey goosey that we lose sight of our goals for the day.

HOWEVER, we are ready to be led by the organic spirit of the day with the creative, unique souls gathered together -- so, you can expect a laid back, yet enriching and brand new experience!

  • For our first two mini retreats, we will be outside with a shade canopy -- and have an indoor facility with bathrooms on site in case of torrential downpour
  • We will have plenty of parking, chairs (but maybe you want to bring a blanket or yoga mat), breaks, water (bring your own bottles/cup)
  • A gluten free/ vegan lunch will be provided unless you bring your own (you’ll indicate that when you sign up)
  • Consider bringing a musical instrument or a singing bowl or another creative outlet you might want to share...scarves would be lovely
  • We will be reflecting on and experiencing Positiva (an opportunity to celebrate together), Negativa (an opportunity to grieve together), Creativa (an opportunity to create/brainstorm our spirit led gifts), and Transformativa (where we come together with all of our unique gifts to shine our way together as a COMMUNITY) AHA! THAT'S WHAT IS MOST IMPORTANT ABOUT THE DAY: BEING TOGETHER AS A COMMUNITY TO DEEPEN OUR CONNECTION TO THE LIGHT THAT CONNECTS US! Namaste!

Here are the dates and locations of the retreats. Each retreat will have a similar structure and will stand alone.  The ones at Evergreen and Jubilee! are wheelchair accessible. So select the one that best fits your schedule. And please consider carpooling.

  • Saturday, July 31st, at Evergreen Charter School (50 Bell Rd., Asheville, 28805) -- 9:00 am to 1:00 pm (wheelchair accessible)  REGISTRATION CLOSED
  • Tuesday, August 10th, at Laughing Waters Retreat Center, (3963 Gerton Hwy, Gerton, NC 28735) -- 9:00 am to 1:00 pm 
  • Sunday, August 29th, at Jubilee, 46 Wall Street -- beginning with the 9:45 am Celebration and ending about 3:00 pm (wheelchair accessible)

Each retreat will accommodate up to 40 Jubilants. A lunch, integrated into our retreat program, will be a part of each retreat. When you register, you will be asked to indicate whether you prefer to bring your own lunch or will eat the vegan, gluten-free lunch that is provided.

There is no cost to register, though voluntary donations will be accepted at each retreat.  

If you want to carpool or share child care, we encourage you to connect with other Jubilants on the Jubilee! Community Bulletin Board on Facebook.

Please only register for one mini retreat.