Sustaining a Courageous Community of Love

Your pledge is a dedication to our community. Making a pledge means you are saying yes to being a part of and supporting Jubilee! for the year to come.  We continue our pledge campaign from early November until the beginning of January.  After all of the pledges are tallied, we know how to set our budget for the year to much we can pay staff, what we can do to support our community, and of course, how to set our budget for outreach giving, which we always hope to keep around 20% of our total budget.  

As you’re aware, Jubilee! brings unique assets to this urgent moment in time: beauty, music, prayer, ritual, and joy, collaboratively uplifted by a remarkable group of Jubilants. We can be a leader in this Great Turning with your support—your participation on teams, your monthly pledges that give Jubilee a solid financial foundation from which to work, and your vision for our future. Our pledge to you as we work together to transform our community to one of greater compassion, justice, and sustainability is that we will partner with you. This is your opportunity to join the work at hand and to make your voice heard. Together, our love in action can change the world.

Please make your pledge today by filling out the form below.  After you submit the form, you will be redirected to a page where you can set your donation amount and frequency.   If you prefer to write a check or make a payment in some other way, or have already set up automatic payments, please just exit that page. 

Thank you for who you are and for joining in to keep the main thing the main thing!