Thank you, Laura Collins!

For sixteen months, Laura Collins served the Jubilee! Community as our minister of transition. And what a time of transition it was...with the COVID pandemic in full swing, the inability to meet together in person, and lots of staff and board turnover. Despite the chaos, Laura's wisdom and wit saw us through the hard parts, helped us rebuild our sense of true community, and provided us with inspiring Sunday Celebrations that healed our spirits. We'll miss her leadership...and send her off with our heartfelt wishes for her future success and joy!

Here are just a few of the ways that Jubilants have expressed their gratitude to Laura for the many ways she lifted us up and kept us keeping on.

Click here for a video montage of Jubilants' well wishes

And here are some other well wishes for Laura:

Thank you for your spirit and courage. Your message has always warmed my heart. Shalom, Carol Greenspan

Would that circumstances had been different! Online or in person, I am always touched by the heart and wisdom of your messages. But having the opportunity to connect with you in person the last few months has been truly delightful. Too short by a lot!  With much appreciation for your incredible service to the Jubilee! community and heartfelt wishes for some well-deserved R&R. I hope we can stay in touch. Warmly, Gretchen Henn

Thank you so much for the love and passion you have put into your role as minister of transition! I am sad that you will not be continuing as the spiritual leader of Jubilee! I have enjoyed your sermons, reflections and communications, and feel that you really connected with and inspired me and the community. This has been a challenging time for this spiritual community and I am hopeful that we will survive and thrive as we move through this next change. I hope you will remain a part of the community and continue to be a source of support and encouragement, whatever form that takes. I also look forward to seeing you around the neighborhood and maybe walking with you every once in a while. With deep appreciation, Linda Giltz 

Laura, we’re profoundly grateful for your time with us. Your leadership, your willingness, your wisdom, your heart, and your spirit have nurtured and supported us to endure and move forward during challenging times. We wish you well on whatever path you choose, and we hope our paths will continue to cross with yours. With love and respect, Bruce Mulkey & Shonnie Lavender

Thank You, Laura!  What a gift you have been to Jubilee! Community during this time of transition and Covid. You bring so many important qualities to this position. We have appreciated the historical/Biblical perspective while also finding applications for our lives. You bring humor AND sensitivity in your messages and leadership. We so appreciate the gift you gave Wednesday evening….a perceptive and honest look at the process of searching for someone to lead Jubilee into the future. All the best to you! Kathy and John Busse

August 2, 2009, Laura's first Celebration at Jubilee!
Only the Universe was aware of the magic in the seeds you were planting here 12 years ago.
You have blessed us with such a bountiful harvest of hope, direction, wisdom and love.
May your path continue onward with such beautiful blossoming.
Love, Warren

“I give thanks to the waves upholding me
Hail the great winds urging me on
Greet the infinite sea before me
Sing the sky my sailor’s song
I was born upon the fathoms
Never harbor or port have I known
The wide universe is the ocean I travel
And the earth is my blue boat home”

We have all sung Peter Mayer’s song countless times. But perhaps his moving lyrics have never held such deep meaning for us at Jubilee! as they do now. Captain Laura, you have held firm to the helm and helped guide us through some turbulent times. Our appreciation for your “gifts and talents that this old world needs” has never been greater. From our hearts to yours, thank you. Love from Paul & Trish Howey

Thank you, thank you for your contribution to Jubilee! these past months. You have been a bright spirit in our presence bringing hope, joy, skills, meaningful messages and the list goes on. Best wishes as you go forward into the next chapter of your life. Health and happiness to you, Janet Bland

I am so grateful for having had the opportunity to work with you at Jubilee!  You've taught me a lot and have been a great role model for practicing patience in the midst of frustration. Your Sunday reflections have been beautiful...filled with your shining spirit. I wish you much love and light as you explore the many wonderful paths that will open up for you in the coming months. Love, Michele Bernhardt

Laura, I have so appreciated your willingness and ability to run with the torch as long as you have, providing deep, consistent wisdom and guidance for our community. I’ve been honored to work with you in the various ways that I have at Jubilee!, as well as meet with you a few times for a personal connection. And now you’re leaving…wow…you will be sorely missed! It’s hard to imagine us coming up with someone to fill your big shoes here…but I’m trusting that “we will get there.” Much love & blessings, Vinit Allen

I’m sure that you’ve received many sincere compliments praising your work with us over the past year plus in response to the remarkably long list of skills you have shared with us.  Among them, your capable coordination & open amiability, your sense of good-natured composure & humor, your depth of insight & trenchant messaging, & of course your love of life & the Jubilee! Community. So many times I have been powerfully struck by your clarifications & applications of scripture a swell as other wisdom literature, by your delightful sharing of personal experiences & the lessons learned, & by your courage to speak what you found necessary to voice or frightening to consider. I am deeply grateful to you for giving all the extra efforts demanded by the transition of our community during these most uncertain times. To you & yours, I wish all the very best as you move forward to new endeavors. Laura, you have been such a blessing! Please keep in touch. Thank you SO much, Chas Jansen

Laura, I appreciate your presence and strength and humor and knowledge during these several months. I know there have been too many tasks for one person and you have managed to accomplish a lot. I have really valued your Sunday lessons. So, I send you love and blessings as you continue your journey. Linda Newman.

Thank you, Laura, for all you've done for Jubilee!. You are truly a God send. Very best to you, Bob Cobbett

Thank you for sharing your brilliance, compassion, and leadership with us. You stepped up when we needed you most and we are forever grateful. May your next journey bring you peace, joy, and purpose. In the words of Meister E - thank you. Lynda Wayne and Greg Goodman