Jubilee in Action is how Jubilants get more deeply involved with our community and the greater Asheville community...whether it's helping refugees, unhoused folks or people of color; coming to a social celebration, movie night or drum circle; or joining a meditation, labyrinth walk or prayer circle.  Below are some current and long term JIA opportunities.  You can click the link below for our newsletter to learn about what is happening this week.

Join a Team

From our earliest beginning, Jubilee! has been a participatory community. Jubilants want to be involved, connect with other folks, share their great gladness, and do their part to make the world a better place. Teams are how we do this. They provide an array of ways to deepen into community and “pray with your feet.” We have over a dozen Jubilee! teams ranging from Earth Team to Social Justice team to Pray Chain Team.  Read about all of our teams here.

Social Justice Resources

Ron Katz offers an amazing amount of information on social justice matters in three newsletters that he publishes. Click here to get information on the newsletters and the WNC Social Justice Advocacy Guide website, which focuses on connecting people interested in social justice advocacy with nonpartisan organizations working on those issues. There is no cost to subscribe to any of the e-newsletters, and you can unsubscribe at any time.  Use this link to subscribe.