This is where you'll discover how to get more deeply involved with our community and the greater Asheville community...whether it's helping refugees, homeless folks or People of Color; coming to a social celebration, movie night or drum circle; or joining a meditation, labyrinth walk or prayer circle.  As long as it's hosted by one of our teams, it's part of “Jubilee! in Action."  Here are some highlights of what's going on right now.

Finding Balance in Uncertain Times

If this election has taught us one thing, it is that our country is deeply divided.  Regardless if your candidate won or lost, there is work to do...gardens to plant, allies to make, bridges to build, children to feed, elders to tend, and songs to sing.  How we approach our collective healing matters. Hopefully we can approach it all from a place of peace, love, and harmony.  Please join us each Thursday at 5pm on Zoom for a half hour of prayer, music and meditation with local spiritual leaders, meditation teachers and musicians to find balance in these uncertain times. 

Every Thursday, 5:00 pm to 5:30 pm

FREE Event on Zoom


The Magnificence of Nature ~ The Challenge of Climate Chaos

The beauty and grandeur of animals and landscapes in natural areas can be awe-inspiring.  The power and destructive forces of an altered climate can be alarming.  Sponsored by Jubilee!’s Earth Team, Dr. Roger Helm’s presentations will help us understand the existential threat climate change driven chaos is unleashing and the solutions at hand.  His presentations will also inspire us to action by reminding us, through photographs from around the world, of the magnificence of nature...part of what is at stake.

Four Mondays - 11/23, 11/30, 12/7, 12/14

7:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Suggested Donation: $10-$30


Keep People Warm This Winter

This year we are doing everything differently, including the Talent Project and Bizarre Bazaar. This is the way we as a community raise funds for the heating fund, which helps people stay warm in the winter.  This year we are doing a COVID safe online silent auction.  The first step is to find auction items.  If you would like to donate, either fill out the form or contact Jackie at jldobrinska@gmail.com by November 27th. Donate art, crafts, experiences, services, etc.  It's Jubilee! so get creative!


Be a Santa for a Child in Foster Care

Here are the names and gift ideas for 50 children in foster care in Buncombe County. Select the name & number of a child and email your choice to Don Fortuna at 4.tunas@gmail.com. When he receives your email he will respond so that you know your selection has been received. Purchase gifts as you are able. Place gifts in a bag or box with name of child securely attached. Also, please place receipts in an envelope to facilitate exchanges if needed. Do not wrap gifts. Several dates prior to Christmas will be available for you to drive up and drop off gifts at Jubilee! Additional instructions will be included in your return email. Remember: When in doubt…gift cards from Walmart, Target or Amazon are good choices! 


New Year's Fires

The holidays can be hard for many folks, but they can also be incredibly sweet and connecting.  Since we are unable to do our large bonfire this year, we are taking that light and spreading it across the city...and we need you to make it happen.  We are asking for folks to host small outdoor New Year's fires for 8 to 12 Jubilee! folks throughout the holiday season.  If you are willing to host, please email Jackie at jldobrinska@gmail.com with the subject line FIRE and let her know the day and time, how many folks, and your address.  She will then organize people from there.  


Want to Know More?

These are just some highlights of what's going on at Jubilee! this week.  To get up to date on everything that's happening this week, read this week's newsletter.