This is where you'll discover how to get more deeply involved with our Jubilee! community and the greater Asheville community...whether it's helping refugees, homeless folks or people of color; coming to a social celebration, movie night or drum circle; or joining a meditation, labyrinth walk or prayer circle.  Here are some highlights of what's going on right now.

Register for a Jubilee! Mini Retreat 

Registration for our July 31st Mini Retreat is closed, but you can sign up here for the August 10th and 29th retreats. We will explore just what the heck is the Main Thing and how the four Vias of Creation Spirituality fit into our real lives...with a Jubilee! blend of dancing, singing, playing, deep listening and sharing. Our retreat planning team (Laura Collins, Daniel Barber, Maureen Linneman, Michael Smith and Molly Pritchard) is creating a fluid structure to ensure we have a plan to keep us “in the flow,” while still being led by the organic spirit of the day...so, you can expect a laid back, enriching experience that truly brings us into community together!

  • Tuesday, August 10th, at Laughing Waters Retreat Center, (3963 Gerton Hwy, Gerton, NC 28735) -- 9:00 am to 1:00 pm 
  • Sunday, August 29th, at Jubilee, 46 Wall Street -- beginning about 11:00am (after the 9:45 am Celebration) and ending about 3:00 pm


Enjoy Art; Support the Hunger Fund

Throughout the month of August, Julie Parker's artwork will be in the Hospitality Room throughout the month of August. A portion of all sales will be donated to the Hunger Fund.

Awakening the Dreamer Symposium

The Awakening the Dreamer Symposium—created by The Pachamama Alliance—is a powerful, interactive workshop that serves as a catalyst to discover how we can make positive difference in environmental sustainability, social justice and spiritual fulfillment. It features compelling videos including Van Jones, Bishop Desmond Tutu and many other luminaries and experts.  During the workshop, you will:
   • Learn where we are as a human family and how we got here
   • Discover your role in creating a regenerative and just future
   • Connect with an engaged local community and move into action
The workshop takes place on Saturday, August 7 from 9:30am to 12:30pm at Craggy View Cottages, 134 Outlook Circle in Swannanoa.  You can watch the Symposium video trailer here.  Contact Vinit Allen at vinit@swcoalition.org if you interested in attending.

A Bridge Between US

The Foundation for Self Leadership’s is sponsoring A Bridge Between US, a series of free online discussions about how we can bridge the deepening societal divide in the U.S.  The series is built on the premise that doing what we each can to maintain and engage in dialogue with others and in our communities is our best contribution to establishing societal harmony, contributing to peacemaking, and putting our shoulders to a movement toward a better future for all.  The series takes place online every Friday at 3pm between September 3rd and October 1st. Learn more and register here.

Calling All Authors & Artists

The Arts Team focuses on nurturing and showcasing all sorts of creative work. They are looking for new team members, artists who are interested in showing their work, and authors who would like to participate in or help design an authors events.  If you are interested in getting involved in any of these, please contact team leader Julie Parker at juliesavageparker@gmail.com

Help Fill the Empty Vases on our Altar

We invite you to share your gardening and wildflower picking skills by bringing fresh cut flowers to adorn our altar table when you come to Jubilee! each Sunday morning. We will have vases ready for you to pop your flowers in! What will you bring for the altar table this week?

And More...

These are just some highlights of what's going on at Jubilee! right now.  To get up to date on everything that's currently happening, read this week's newsletter.