From our earliest beginning, Jubilee! Community has been a participatory venture. Members of the community want to be involved, connect with other Jubilants, share their great gladness and do their part to make the world a better place. Teams are how we do this. They provide an array of ways to deepen into community and “pray with your feet”.  

Commitment to a Team

Each team is unique and autonomous, so the mode of participation can vary among the teams. But whatever the team, various levels of commitment exist.  Check out the current teams below to see where you want to jump in. One of the main roles of our teams is to help members find a place to bring their great gladness and passions to the table. Teams are ideally mini-communities where close, nurturing friendships develop. While we ask that you make a year’s commitment when you join, there is always flexibility to go where your heart leads you if you want to change teams. The hope is that everyone will have the opportunity to find a “home base” of deeper friendships at Jubilee!, and team membership is one way for this to happen.

Art Team

  • Facilitates the discovery and expression of the gift of creativity through Jubilee!
  • Handles the Hospitality Room Gallery
  • Promotes events ad performances by emerging and seasoned artists and performers

Contact: Julie Parker,

Earth Team

  • Hosts fun outdoor activities
  • Seeks ways to deepen our commitment between people of faith and all of creation
  • Sponsors educational events to share how daily living and consumer practices can promote a sustainable future for our planet
  • Coordinates projects that will enhance our bio-region
  • Celebrates our connection with the earth through ritual, communion and play

Contact: Maureen Linneman,

Outreach Team 

The world can use our help and the Outreach Team works to provide it. Their goal is to have 50% of budget be given to organizations doing great work. They evaluate requests for assistance, interview potential recipients, and make recommendations for funding. Truly faith in action, this group administers Jubilee! funds going out as assistance for those in need.  Some of the organizations funded by the Jubilee! outreach team include Manna FoodBank, Habitat For Humanity, Homeward Bound, Caring for Children and many, many more.

Contact:  Paul Muller,

Service Team 

The Service Team provides hands-on opportunities for Jubilants and others to benefit those in need. The work of the Service Team is compassion and love as demonstrated through physical labor. Members participate in Habitat for Humanity projects and the Ramp Festival (building ramps for the disabled), and in hosting the Room In The Inn twice a year, providing food and accommodations for homeless women.

Contacts:  Dale Hughes (Habitat Builds),

                   Joan Naylor (Refugees),

                   Mary Hitchcock (Homeless Needs),

Communications Team

The Communications Team keeps the Jubilee! community informed about celebrations, events, opportunities, news and other matters. Some of the team’s activities include:

  • Website updates
  • Social media and Google ads
  • Newsletters and announcements
  • Public relations

Contact:  Michele Bernhardt,

Jubilee Singers 

Do you love choral music?  Do you enjoy singing in harmony with others and sharing that gift? The Jubilee! Singers is a talented group of choral artists. We provide the gift of song for our Sunday Celebrations throughout the year (except June–August). This is a joyful and welcoming group that offers an opportunity for Jubilants to creatively express their faith through song at Celebrations, concerts, special services, caroling parties and more.  

Contact:  Teri Sandoval,

Prayer Chain Team 

Committed to providing on-going, on-call prayer support for Jubilee! Community members, their loved ones, and friends. We each pray in our own way, adding our personal spirituality to create a very diverse Jubilee! prayer effort. We welcome unexplained mystery and ever flowing grace. Jubilants submit prayer requests for themselves or their loved ones or friends, the requests are distributed to the Prayer Chain members by email, and prayer chain members pray in their own way.

Contact:  Aliyah Schick, (828) 252-6680),

Social Justice Team

  • Cares about all in the our community.  We believe that justice is a right for all.  We work together to promote racial equity.
  • Helps where we can. The world has always been a work in progress. We see the world with all its faults and have a duty to repair the world – through the protection of our environment, the care and education of our children, and the elimination of poverty and oppression.
  • Works with and within our community. As a team, we can be political but will not be partisan. We focus on issues and not candidates or labels. We emphasize the areas in which we can have the most impact. We ally ourselves with other groups and individuals whenever we agree, and seek respect and mutual understanding when we do not. We strive to listen to minority viewpoints and to treat everyone with respect.

Contact:  Vinit Allen,