From our earliest beginning, Jubilee! has been a participatory community. Jubilants want to be involved, connect with other folks, share their great gladness, and do their part to make the world a better place. Teams are how we do this. They provide an array of ways to deepen into community and “pray with your feet.” 

Earth Team

The Earth team pursues educational and service events within the team and for the Jubilee! community to highlight the need and opportunities for actions to preserve our planet. Numerous community wide events have been hosted. Recent focus has been in support of the Build Back Better initiative, gifts during community celebrations, evening educational presentations, and the Monarch and Milkweed initiatives.

Leader:  Maureen Linneman,, 828-606-2734‬

Opportunity:  For more informaton or to volunteer on this team please reach out to Maureen directly.

Arts Team

The Arts team facilitates the discovery and expression of the gift of creativity through Jubilee!, handles the Hospitality Room gallery, offers workshops and experiences that nurture creativity, and promotes events and performances by emerging artists and seasoned performers.

Leader: JoAnn Rose,

Opportunity: Discover upcoming events on the Jubilee! website. Get information or become involved by contacting JoAnn.

Outreach Team

The Outreach team administers Jubilee! outreach funds flowing to the numerous Asheville area charitible organizations as assistance to those in need. The team evaluates requests, interviews possible recipients and makes recommendations to the Jubilee! Board. The team hosts potluck meals and meetings at team member homes during the year.

Co-leaders: Paul Muller,, 828-712-8759 and 

Nancy Ellington,, 828 231 6809

Opportunity: This long-standing and active team would welcome additional participants. To learn more or to volunteer on this team, please reach out to Paul Muller directly.
(Paul assumed leadership in 2022 from Nancy Ellington, who continues her involvement in the team.)

Jubilee! Singers

The Jubilee! Singers is a talented group of choral artists, who provide the gift of song for our Sunday Celebrations throughout the year. This is a joyful and welcoming group that offers an opportunity for Jubilants to creatively express their faith through song at Celebrations, concerts, special services, caroling parties and more.

Leader: Teri Sandoval,, (516) 659-1791‬

Opportunity: If you are interested in singing with the Jubilee! Singers please reach out to Teri directly. Note: Singers are on hiatus June-August each year.

Care & Compassion Team

Care and Compassion (C&C) is gathering a new team with a fresh vision for 2022. Our desire is to gather people together to live in creative compassion that will spring forth as a movement, both as a blessing within to Jubilants and outward to the greater Asheville area. We gather with the intention of experiencing more compassion and kindness within ourselves, and allowing that to flow to others around us. We’re meeting each month for a community meal and to practice deepening our compassion together through meditation and prayer. We will also learn of the wisdom traditions from around the world and down through history. We will discover how the C&C team is linked to all other teams within Jubilee! and, as a caring and compassionate group, our intention is to be a model for and service to our Jubilee! community and beyond. 

Co-leaders:  Marc Foster and Aelah Sophia

Opportunity:  If you’d like more details please email Aelah or Marc. The team will respect COVID precautions and may need to modify meetings. 

Welcome Team

The Welcome team supports Sunday celebrations and other community building events via preparation, logistics, greeting and other support activities.

Leader:  Kathy Busse,

Opportunity: For more informaton or to volunteer on this team please reach out to Kathy directly.

Spiritual Journey Team

The Spiritual Journey team provides a variety of activities for the community that uplift, inspire and educate the soul upon its spiritual journey of discovery and development. Past offerings have included informational presentation or experiences with sound healing, rites of passage, reincarnation, Labyrinth walks, chakra balancing, Celtic spirituality, the Kaballah, drumming and more. The team has been less active during the pandemic, but welcomes new opportunities to share with our community.

Leader: This team needs a leader

Opportunity: If you are interested in leading this team, contact Michele Bernhardt at

Prayer Chain

Members of the Jubilee! Prayer Chain team are committed to providing ongoing, on-call prayer that supports Jubilee! community members, their loved ones and friends. We pray in our own way, adding to our personal spirituality to co-create a diverse Jubilee! effort.

Leader:  Aliyah Schick,, (828) 252-6680

Opportunity: For more informaton, to volunteer on this team, or to request prayer support please reach out to Aliyah directly.

Social Justice Team

The purpose of the Social Justice team is to promote compassion within our community and in the world at large. We are organized around the following:
1. We care about all in our community; we believe that justice is a right for all.
2. We help where we can. We have a duty to help heal the world – through protection of our environment, care and education of our children, and elimination of poverty and oppression.
3. We work with and within our community. We can be political, but will not be partisan. We emphasize the areas in which we can have the most impact. We ally ourselves with other aligned groups and individuals. We strive to listen to minority viewpoints and to treat everyone with respect.

Leader:  Vinit Allen,, 415-717-0422

Opportunity: You are invited to contact any of the leads of the Social Justice sub-teams (listed below) regarding participation with their team, or to reach out to Vinit regarding your passion for another social justice topic.

Resources:  Click here to get information  on three free newsletters that Ron Katz publishes and the WNC Social Justice Advocacy Guide website. Use this link to subscribe to Ron's newsletters.

Fair Wages

Focus is to promote and support establishment of fair wages within WNC leveraging the work of Just Economics.

Lead: Michael Smith,, 828-575-7963

Opportunity: Michael has become heavily committed elsewhere in Jubilee! and so invites new participants with a passion to assume leadership of this initiative or supporting participation on the team. Contact Michael or Vinit.

Racial Equity

The Racial Equity Team is on hiatus at this time. 

Health Care

Most recently focused on promoting Medicaid Expansion in state of NC.

Lead: Kitty Schaller (stepping back),, 828-777-1370

Opportunity: KItty has needed to step back due to health challenges, so invites a new lead and participants for this team. Contact Vinit.

Voter Engagement

The focus of this team is promote voting and voter engagement to have an impact in North Carolina. Ron Katz is an NC state lead for this initiative working through several organizations and seeks to work with point persons at Jubilee! to keep us informed and engaged.

Lead: Seeking Jubilee! point person(s) to work with Ron Katz

Opportunity: Inviting one or two new point person(s) to work with Ron Katz. Ron will train and provide resources. Point person will facilitate communication of news and opportunities to Jubilee! and promote engagement. Additional participants are invited to advance initiatives. Contact Vinit for more information, then Ron.

Latin Neighbor Team

The Latin Neighbor team seeks to build bridges between Latino and Jubilee! families in our community. Team members and Jubilee! families will recognize the inherent worth and dignity of immigrants by developing job referrals for Latino workers with Jubilee! families for pay agreed on between the worker and the employer that also meets Asheville living wage.

Lead: Marian Patten, 828-275-6238,

Opportunity: Team members accompany workers to first interviews and assist worker/employer communications about job requirements and pay. The team members have direct contact with Latino families, gain an understanding of Latino issues, and share in unique Latino cultural events

Women's Rights Team

This team focuses on highlighting opportunities to advocate in support of fair and equal rights for women.  This includes supporting the ERA and each woman's right to make health care choices for her own body.

Lead: Elizabeth Likis, or 828-423-9106

Opportunity: Elizabeth is reinvigorating this team and invites new members to join this effort in these challenging times.  Contact Elizabeth if you are interested in joining the team.

Forming Other Sub-Teams

These are recent and potential sub-teams for which new leads are invited.  Contact Vinit if you are interested.

  • Child & Family Poverty
  • Disability Rights
  • Homelessness & Affordable Housing
  • Hunger
  • Immigrant Rights
  • Public Education
  • Violence