From our earliest beginning, Jubilee! has been a participatory community. Jubilants want to be involved, connect with other folks, share their great gladness, and do their part to make the world a better place. Teams and Committees are how we do this. They provide an array of ways to deepen into community and “pray with your feet.” 

After a year and half of being pretty much inactive due to Covid, we are reorganizing

the way Committees and Teams work.  A Committee does the essential work of the

organization (such as finances, fundraising, communications and facilities). A Team creates opportunities for living out our shared mission and values (such as Arts, Social Justice Team, Outreach, Prayer Chain and Spiritual Journeys).  

While we are figuring out all the details, if you are interested in joining any of Committees or Teams, here is how to contact their acting leaders:


Finance - Tim Moran,

Fundraising - Michael Smith,

Facilities - Ray Raymond,

Human Resources - Michelle Smith,

Communications - Michele Bernhardt,


Social Justice - Vinit Allen,

Earth - Maureen Linneman,

Racial Equity - Melody LeBaron,

Arts - Molly Pritchard (subbing for Julie Parker),

Outreach - Nancy Ellison,

Singers - Teri Sandoval,

Care and Compassion - Marc Foster,

Welcome - Warren Harding,

Spiritual Journey - Laura Collins,

Prayer Chain - Aliyah Schick,