From our earliest beginning, Jubilee! has been a participatory community. Jubilants want to be involved, connect with other folks, share our great gladness, and do our part to make the world a better place. Teams and Circles are how we do this. They provide an array of ways to deepen into community and “pray with our feet.”  

TEAMS are formed when two or more people come together around a common interest that is not currently addressed at Jubilee!. First, a mission statement is developed. There must be enough people on the team to help fulfill that mission plus leadership dedicated to organizing and holding meetings. The team works together to create an action plan. Teams are open to all Jubilants on an ongoing basis. The Board approves the formation of each team, and if appropriate, assigns a budget to support the team's mission.

CIRCLES are also formed around a common interest, but they are smaller groups that do not need to go through the formality of Board approval. Circles are sometimes limited to a fixed set of participants to encourage more intimate, closer personal relationships and ensure confidentiality.

A listing of all of Jubilee!'s Teams and Circles is below.  If you are interested in a specific one, please contact that group's leader(s). If you have a general question or are interested in starting a new team or circle, contact Susie Davis, Community Life Coordinator, at 828.279.0433 or  


Earth Team

If you care about life all around us, human & more-than-human, then join the Earth Team. The teachings of Creation Spirituality which emphasize that all of Creation is sacred inspires us. We often partner with regional Creation Care Alliance initiatives and endeavor to educate Jubilants about local, state and national issues focused on climate change and climate justice issues. We meet monthly or so (usually with potlucks) to share experiences, talents, concerns and possible next steps. CLICK HERE TO GO THE EARTH TEAM WEB PAGE.

Leader: Diane DeWitt,

Jubilee! Singers

The Jubilee! Singers provide gifts of song for many of our Sunday Celebrations. This is a joyful and welcoming group that offers an opportunity for Jubilants to creatively express their spirituality through song at some Sunday Celebrations, concerts, special services, caroling parties and more. No experience necessary...just a love of singing!  The Singers are on hiatus from June through August, and begin meeting again in September.

Leader:  Sally Carter, or 828.215.1951

Community Life Team

The Community Life Team organizes events that bring Jubilants together throughout the year. They also encompass the Hospitality Team that organizes coffee hours and potlucks following Sunday Celebrations.. 

Leader: Susie Davis,

Welcome Team

The Welcome team supports Sunday celebrations and other community building events via preparation, logistics, greeting and other support activities.

Leader:  Kathy Busse,

Outreach Team

Over the past 34 years, Jubilee! has donated over $2 million to 501(c)3 non-profit service organizations that feed the hungry, house the homeless, and support underserved communities in Asheville and beyond. Overseen by Jubilee!'s Outreach Team, 100% of Hunger Fund donations go directly these critical needs. The Outreach Team also manages donations from the newly created Howard Hanger Legacy Fund.
Leader: Carol Greenspan, 

Care & Compassion Team

Jubilee!'s Care and Compassion Team responds to requests for assistance from Jubilants as they face life's challenges. Team members and other volunteers help with tasks such giving rides to Sunday celebrations, meals for homebound Jubilants, and other requests that come in.  If you need assistance or would like to join the team or volunteer to be of assistance, contact the team leaders below.

Co-LeadersBill Brochinsky (203.560.9928) or and Sage Seeley (

Spiritual Journey Team

Leadership is open.  Please contact Susie Davis at if interested.

Arts Team

Leadership is open:  Please contact Susie Davis at if interested.

Social Justice Team

Leadership is open:  Please contact Susie Davis at if interested.

Service Team

Leadership is open.  Please contact Susie Davis at if interested.


In-person Book Group

The Book Group gathers weekly usually in a private home in Asheville to discuss the current book they are reading. 

Leader: Diane  DeWitt,

Men's Online Book Club

The Jubilee! Mens Book Club welcomes men of all backgrounds and ages to their online book discussions on Zoom.

Leader: Daniel Robinson, 352-318-0114

Prayer Chain

Members of the Jubilee! Prayer Chain provide ongoing, on-call prayer that supports Jubilee! community members, their loved ones and friends. Reflecting Jubilee!'s all encompassing spirituality, each person on the Prayer Chain prays in their own way to support the group's intentions.

Leader: Mindy Beller,

Send requests for prayers to:

Dream Group

Dream Group members come together to get in touch with their dreams and share them with each other. The group aims to meet regularly at a time and place to be determined by those interested in this activity.

Leader: Carol Bush, 828 774 7562.

Women's Circle

Due to the confidentiality of this circle, participation is limited to those who have already joined.  If another women's group would like to form, contact Susie Davis at