Jubilee! Alternative Micro-Shelter (JAMS)

The Jubilee! Alternative Micro-Shelter (JAMS) opened in April 2022 to provide shelter, life skills coaching and self care resources for a maximum of 10 unhoused women who have income or jobs, and are close to achieving permanent housing, JAMS is much more than just a safe space to stay; it is a supportive program to help these determined women create and implement plans to achieve their goals.  

JAMS offers volunteers a variety of ways to get involved including greeting the guests when they arrive at the shelter each day, providing overnight support, bringing dinners on Saturday and Sunday evening.  There are even opportunities to be a dinner guest to get to know the women and the program better.  Eventually there will be mentoring opportunities, too.

Volunteer Positions

JAMS is open daily from 4:45pm until 9am.  There are volunteer roles each day:  

  • Dinner Guest, an invitation to meet & engage guest during dinner, 6:00pm - 8:00pm.  Have dinner with guests; meet and engage with guests to begin a relationship; become familiar with micro-shelter facilities, program and operations; learn about guest stories, ambitions, action plans and successes
  • Receiving, each day from 4:45pm until 8:30pm.  Receive the guests as they come back in from their day, facilitate good news and gratitude time, have dinner with guests, support guests with Action Plans and brief in-coming volunteer. Before being in this position, you will need to shadow someone at least once. Training will be given at that time.
  • Overnight Support, each day from 7:00pm until 9:00am.  Support guests with their Action Plans. Prepare guests and space for sleep. Oversee breakfast/cleaning and encourage guests as they prepare for their day. You will need to shadow someone overnight a minimum of two times prior to spending the night alone, yourself. Action Plans will be explained during your first volunteer experience. They are simple plans that are co-created by the guest and their mentor. It is a plan to help lead the guests toward independence and a more permanent housing solution.
  • Meal preparation for Saturday and Sunday evenings at 5:30pm. Prepare a simple meal for 12 people. Meals can be dropped off, but you are encouraged to come in and eat with the guests. Dinner is a special time of encouragement and celebration.

Please reach out to Amanda Kollar at amanda.kollar@gmail.com if you can volunteer in any of these roles.

Donations of Supplies

Thank you to all the everyone who donated supplies!  Here is a list of items that are currently needed.  They can be dropped off during Sunday Celebrations or any time between 5-6:30pm each evening.

  • Ground coffee
  • Individually packaged snacks and breakfast foods
  • Toilet paper and paper towels
  • Ladies deodorant and razors
  • Trash bags (all sizes) and aluminum foil

Financial Support

If you would like to donate money to help cover costs, click here.  When you are on the donation page, just click the arrow next to "Give to General Fund" and select "Jubilee! Alternative Micro-Shelter" to donate to JAMS.

The Jubilee! Micro-Shelter Team thanks everyome for your continued expression of love and compassion for this important work. We encourage your involvement and will keep this page updated as new opportunities or donation needs arise.