Thank You, Jackie Dobrinska...We're Really Gonna Miss You!

Thank you, Jackie. You’ve worked openheartedly and steadfastly for seven years to nurture our teams and support their efforts to create a more compassionate, just, and sustainable world. What’s more, your willingness, tenacity, spirit, and courage were vital in keeping the good ship Jubilee! afloat and moving forward as we transitioned to online celebrations because of the pandemic. I don’t know what we’d have done without you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, thank you from all of us.

Bruce Mulkey

Chair, Jubilee Board of Directors

Watch a replay of Jackie's going away party...starting with a tribute video organized by Nancy Ellington.

Here is the full song that Brian Claflin wrote for Jackie (literally!) during her going away party: Traveling Mercies

Here is a wonderful slide show that Don Fortuna created to highlight a few of the many special moments in Jackie's time at Jubilee!

And here are some messages to Jackie from Jubilants:

Jackie, you have become part of our intimate Samasati tribe — fearlessly adventuring into deep, cosmic realms and raw, vulnerable personal ones. You are forever part of our heart-tribe — we will continue to share those adventures even if not so often. Blessings and Godspeed in your “new assignment.”

Love, Vinit Allen

Jackie, I know you will be successful in whatever you do. I have always admired your spirit, your commitment, and your dedication. You have kept things going and always with a smile and a great attitude.  Wishing you the very best! You will certainly be missed.
Joanne Lazar

I am grateful in particular for the time that Jackie crawled under the old choir rows to get my purse that had fallen from the top row!!!
But in general, I’m grateful for her presence at Jubilee! every Sunday...a kind caring presence that was part of the Jubilee! experience for me. I will miss, her but am so happy she’s found another path that seems to be the right path for her. Much love and light always...

Lisa Wilcocks

Jackie, Blessings to you on your Great New Journey with Ram Dass Loving Community.  The world is too dangerous for anything but truth and too small for anything but love...William Sloane Coffin Jr.  There is nothing so joyful as a loving heart.

Nancy Moore

Dear Jackie, Your work with Jubilee! was beyond special  I'm sure God will bless you as you move forward in your life. Very best in all you do. Thanks again for our time together.

Bob Cobbett

Sweet, beautiful, Jackie, You SHINE! I will never forget when you would get up at Jubilee! and announce all the ways to get involved in our community. (Especially in person) I just loved your energy and was so amazed every week at how many things I could do to get involved. You were amazing at your job! You got everyone so excited to find a place to fit in with this beautiful and unique community whether helping or just joining in all the fun gatherings. Boy, do I miss that!  I used to think before I knew you, "I want to be her friend!" I thought, "She just seems so nice, genuine and she is so shiny." I am so thankful that we ran into each other at the LEAF festival years ago. We knew each other through Jubilee, so we chatted, and ended up making plans to get together and bike. Yes, We became friends! Over the years, we have spent time hiking, biking and having meaningful conversations, laughing and just having fun! When I would see you at Jubilee! on Sundays, it was even more of a special experience for me. Jackie, you are one of the most beautiful humans I know. I always feel so super comfortable around you. You truly find a balance between the spirit and human world. I find that to be an incredibly powerful way to live and be an example.  I wish you all the best and know that I have a friend for life! Jubilee! and I will miss you so much! Many Blessings to you my friend. 

Love, Jenny Farthing

Jackie has done so much for our community, it’s hard to communicate it all!  One thing I will really miss is her sharing her knowledge of herbs, herbal medicine, nutrition, etc.  She has a wealth of knowledge which she generously shared.

Jaime Lee

Jackie, Jackie, Jackie...It's been, what? Two weeks since we heard the news? I still can't pick myself up from the floor...But, I did get up, cuz I had ta write this:  You CANNOT leave Jubilee!  Girl, you've been the glue that not only held Jubilee! together since Amy left and that insidious virus sent us into the "social distancing" phase, but you've single-handedly orchestrated a "remote Jubilee!" that rocks! From the technical end, I have no doubt you actually ended up being the go-to person as each Sunday's celebration was being planned -- you recruited guest speakers/messagers... showed all how to be Zoom-meisters... dazzled and informed everyone of what's happening...A TON of stuff! I know some of those duties have been delegated to others, but you've kept everything humming by jumping in when necessary. OK, you know all of that. But what you don't fully know just yet is how much you're gonna be missed! Your presence, your personality, your knowledge, your spiritual enlightenment -- lordy, lordy, Lady! You beez a-MAZ-ing! Hoping the transition is something you really, really wanted, Jackie, and they/it better know what a jewel it/they are getting! Take care and know how loved you are, by so many... 

Mike Czeczot

Jackie, thank you so much for the wonderful way you took me under your wing to teach me the ins and out of "jubilese."  I will surely miss your wonderful smile, inspiring words and open heart.  Much light and love to you in your journey!

Michele Bernhardt

Thank you. You stepped up when we needed you most. We are forever grateful and are sending strong and powerful ju-ju with you as you take this next step in your journey.

Lynda Wayne

Jackie, You have added so much to Jubilee not only through the many hours you have put in, but by all the positive messages and information you have shared with us. You are always so positive and we love your spirit of diversity/inclusion, and the many wonderful things you have started up and/or continued at Jubilee both within Sunday morning services but also outside of Sunday times. You will greatly be missed!  You are truly a loving, caring spirit and we will you all the very best as you continue in life's ever-changing journey. Thank you for ALL you do and have done. You are the greatest! Many blessings!

Jim and Diane Mowitz

Thanks, Jackie for always being positive, efficient, jolly, and organized. Most folks are missing at least one of these attributes! Hiring you was one of the best decisions the board ever made. Happy Trails in your future journeys!!

Jim Taylor

Action Jackie!!! 

I am so, so grateful for the way you have connected, cared for, and captained this crazy community.  

You are truly living your life in ever widening circles. 

I am grateful to have flown a leg with you, as you fly higher and higher. 

Know this Appalachian cove will always be a harbor graced for you. 

John David Short 

Jackie, in those dark winter and early spring days of 2020, my biggest concern was whether Jubilee could survive or not. We were not only in leadership turmoil but could no longer gather in our celebration center. The early days of Zoom celebrations were filled with surprises, joys and technical challenges. Somehow, with your steadiness, your outreach to wonderful presenters and the new tech skills you probably never thought you’d have, you pulled us through the hardest time. Your calm, beautiful smile, reassuring voice and warmth helped us find our footing and fall in love with Jubilee in its new format. We will miss you deeply and welcome your presence anytime you can be with us. May your new journey be magical!

Warmly, Linda McLean

May the road rise to meet you. May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face. May the rain fall softly on your fields. Until we meet again, May God hold you, in the hollow of her hand. Many blessings for a safe and magical transition. Kindly, Hayley Joyell Smith

Jackie, Thank you for the many years of love and dedication to Jubilee! always reminding us that we are, indeed, community; that we are able to do more good together than alone. Thank you for being our anchor during troubled waters....and God Bless You on your journey. As you fly on, know that you are always connected to us here.

Much love, Molly Pritchard

Jackie, I want to appreciate the many gifts you have given to both Jubilee and to me personally. Thank you for your wisdom and curiosity, your passion and compassion, your excitement and calm presence. You have been a cat herder extraordinaire able to hold community with a gentle hand and heart♥️. The Ram Das foundation was very wise to offer you the job that they did and they are very fortunate to have you in this expanded role. I wish you the best in this adventure and look forward to deepening my awareness of that work, his teachings, and the community that holds and shares it.  You will be so missed in your role of holding the community here at Jubilee. You are irreplaceable for all of the right reasons. Thank you so much.

John David Sharpe

Well Jubilants, in lieu of utter despair at Jackie’s departure, I offer you this...

When it feels like we are losing our glue
What are we to do?
We’ll have to trust that another form

Of God’s adhesive will work too.

When it comes time for the Cat Herder

To leave her steadfast post
I guess we’ll trust the universe
To keep our wholeness close.

When it comes time for Mother Hen

To fly the jubilicious coop
I guess we’ll keep laying and praying

And see what great mystery hatches next.

When it comes time for the Backstage Magic-Maker

To exit stage right
I guess we’ll embrace the darkness

And shine our own light.

When it comes time for the Zoom Wizard
To take her hands off the controls
I guess we’ll unmute our voices
And let them lead us forward.

When it feels like all the hats Jackie wore
Are raining from the sky
I guess we’ll offer up our heads
And receive the hat we’re meant to try.

When we wonder how we’ll ever
Keep our outreach so far and wide
I guess we’ll trust our giving hearts

To call us into action and be our guide.

But before we surrender to the fact

That Jackie has to go,
Let’s hug her tighter than ever
And exalt the pivotal contribution of her role.

Jackie goes down in history

As the Minister of Community Life

That guided us through

The toughest of waters,

The highest of mountains,

The wackiest of weird times too.

We’ve loved her as a minister,

A community supporter,

A human, soul sister, and friend.

And we’ll miss her central presence

As our Connection Catalyst Superwoman.

Above all, we wish her every experience

That her loving heart desires.
May all that Jackie has given Jubilee
Give back through the miracles that transpire--
Lighting up her path with Love
As she serves from deep and high
Remembering the Jubilee family
That will forever walk by her side.

We love you, Jackie.
Jessica Chilton & your forever Jubilee family