So what can you expect if you attend one of Jubilee’s celebrations?  Whether it was pre-COVID when we gathered together in a circle around a central alter in large airy room under a giant wooden globe and hand painted prayer flags, or these strange days, when we hold our Sunday Celebrations online, the basic ingredients are still the same:

  • Love—for one another, for the earth, and for all who inhabit it
  • Compassion—for those who may be hurting and in need
  • Acceptance—for every person without exception
  • Music—lots of it...from rock ‘n roll to folk to gospel...and everything in between
  • Laughter—some of the worst jokes (and puns) imaginable
  • Inspiration—weekly messages that offer insights into the world’s religions (Christian, Jewish, Taoist, Muslim, Buddhist, and others) and into current events

As we move through a new Via each quarter, we share a Seeds of Celebration document that outlines the theme for that season, providing Jubilants with a glimpse of what they can expect each week.

Below are examples of our online and in-person Sunday Celebrations. Click here for all of our archived online Celebrations or visit our YouTube channel to check out the way we celebrated in person before COVID.  

Sunday Celebrations On Zoom, Facebook & YouTube

Here is a video of a recent online Sunday Celebration. Sure, the technology can be daunting, but we are having fun with it as we find new ways to connect virtually.  

Sunday Celebrations at 46 Wall St.

Here is a a glimpse of what our in-person Celebrations were like...and will be again...check out this Celebration from April 2018 which was attended by Matthew Fox.