We call our inclusive Sunday services  "Celebrations" because they joyfully express the divine mystery through music, creativity, laughter and inspiring messages. Here is what you can you expect if you attend one of our lively Sunday celebrations:

  • Love—for one another, for Earth, and for all creation
  • Compassion—for those who may be hurting and in need
  • Acceptance—for every person without exception
  • Music—lots of it...from rock to jazz to folk to gospel...and everything in between
  • Laughter—laughter is carbonated holiness...and it really is the best medicine
  • Inspiration—weekly messages that offer insights from many spiritual paths (Christian, Indigenous, Jewish, Taoist, Sufi, Buddhist and others)

Jubilee! is grounded in the Creation Spirituality concept of Original Blessing, and our Sunday Celebrations follow Creation Spirituality’s four Vias, seasonal paths or themes focused on the beauty, mystery and cosmological spirituality of creation. 

Each Sunday Celebration is unique, but typically includes our minister of indigenous ritual Yona FrenchHawk calling the sacred directions, the World Beat Band playing a wide variety of music, a time for meditation called "Singing the Buddhist Bowls," and an inspirational reflection by a Jubilee! minister or guest speaker.

Below are a few examples of our Sunday Celebrations. Please visit our YouTube channel to watch replays of all our videos. 

On January 29, 2023, Jubilee!'s Sunday Celebration "Deep Waters: of St. Brigid & Imbolc" was led by Jenny Sliker, a firekeeper and mesa carrier who traces her lineage back to the Celts, the Germanic tribes and the Scandinavian Saami. The Celebration focused on St. Brigid's dual role as Celtic goddess and Christian saint. 

On December 4, 2022, the second Sunday of Advent, Laura Collins, Jubilee!'s minister of celebration, led the Sunday Celebration "Releasing: Peace," exploring the ways we can find peace in the midst of chaos and despair.

On November 14, 2021, Yona FrenchHawk, Jubilee!'s minister of indigenous ritual, led the Sunday Celebration "Into the Mystic with First Nations,"  telling stories of mystical Cherokee experiences here in the Western North Carolina mountains, and reminding us that all of us are indigenous to somewhere.

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