Since our inception in 1989, Jubilee! has dedicated our resources to improving our lives, our community and our world. During our first year, we gave $10,000 to local, national, and international agencies that feed the hungry and shelter the homeless in the greater Asheville area.  We have since given over $2.2 million to such agencies, and have donated more than any other faith community in Western North Carolina to Homeward Bound and MANNA Food Bank.

Making Donations

Whether you are attending in person or online, there are many different ways you can donate:

  • Put your donations in the collection baskets during Sunday Celebrations
  • Donate online
  • Text to (828) 827-5505 and just type in the amount you want to donate
  • Mail checks to Jubilee Community, 46 Wall St., Asheville, NC 28801

We realize that some of the current ways of online donating do not allow for designation, so you can email and make your designation known that way.

Pledged Gifts & Donations

Jubilants are encouraged to contribute to Jubilee!’s mission by filling out an annual pledge form. You may make monetary gifts on a weekly, monthly, or annual basis, or in any other manner that is convenient to you.  Secure one time and recurring online donations can be made here. Many Jubilants have found it advantageous to make donations of appreciated stocks or include Jubilee! in their planned giving.

Hunger Basket

When we met in person, "Hunger Baskets" were on the altar, with all donations placed in them going to special funds that support agencies that feed the hungry, such as MANNA Food Bank, Meals of Wheels, and Homeward Bound for the homeless.  During COVID, we are allocating a portion of all general donations to the Hunger Baskets.

Direct Gifts from Your IRA

If you have an IRA (Individual Retirement Account) you may be able to avoid paying taxes on the money you have to take out for your annual RMD (Required Minimum Distribution) if you donate it to Jubilee! as a QCD (Qualified Charitable Distribution). There are a bunch of "ifs," "ands" and "wherefores," so ask your financial advisor if you qualify.

Designate Your Gift

You may also make a donation to a specific Hunger Fund beneficiary or Jubilee! cause by contributing to the Designated Gift Fund. Please mark your special contribution if it is designated for a specific cause. You may contribute to the Compassion Fund set up for individuals in need of assistance. These contributions are confidential due to the nature of the fund. 

Other Ways to Give

Throughout the year, Jubilee! also make contributions in the form of goods earmarked for populations in need. Past drives have collected socks for the homeless (a campaign called “the Joy of Socks”), house-keeping supplies for elderly and disabled residents of the Vanderbilt Apartments, fresh produce for MANNA Food Bank, and school supplies for children. The "Talent Project," in which Jubilants create products or services to sell at our annual "Bizarre Bazaar," raises funds for the Jubilee! Heating Fund to help offset the rising costs of winter heat, especially for the elderly. 

Where Does Your Money Go?

Money contributed to the community is spent as specified by the Jubilee! budget. This budget, which is available for viewing, includes salaries and building operation costs, as well as funds for community programs, team ministries and other projects. The Jubilee! budget also includes outreach giving—our gifts to our community and world. The Jubilee! Outreach Team is charged with the distribution of this money to local, regional, national and international non-profit agencies.