Thank You, Daniel Barber, for 20 Years of Great Music!

On September 5th, Jubilants gathered to celebrate Daniel Barber's retirement as our music director and leader of the World Beat Band.  Over the past 20 years, Daniel brought us music that created an atmosphere of celebration, awe, release, peaceful meditation and renewal through the sacred and secular sounds of our culture and others.  On any given Sunday, he treated us to rock, folk, R&B, Motown, Latin, African, Middle Eastern, Native American and other rhythms and melodies that broadened and deepened our worship experience.  And while he is leaving his role as our music director, he is still a Jubilee! minister, so we look forward to seeing what yet-to-be-discovered part he will play in Jubilee!'s future.

Check out the Tribute video that Jubilants made to let Daniel know how much he will be missed.

And here are some messages and photos from Jubilants reminiscing about what Daniel and his music making have meant to them over the last two decades:

Daniel's joyful presence is a gift to us all. We have been lightened by his smiling face and wise music during many Jubilee! services. He has shared his gift with us during our most difficult days and, as much as we will miss seeing him weekly, we are happy to know he is taking time for his own journey.   ~ Lynda Wayne and Greg Goodman

Too much to put into words! Though I did dig deep for some photos,  there's so many missing......Howard's Holiday parties, Jubilee! dance parties and concerts, Barrie Barton shows at Diana Wortham, Current Invention gigs, rehearsals at your W Asheville house and Celebration Center, recording your CD, drum circles. Thanks for being such a major musical connection for me when I arrived to hooked me up to this crazy Jubilee! Community, to some darn good Wedding gigs and a few country club parties that we'd rather forget!  Best of all, we know each other pretty deeply....through countless phone conversations, and after Jubilee! brunches. I appreciate you and will always be a friend.  Please call anytime and let's share some good food, soon. I CAN'T BELIEVE I WON'T SEE YOU BEHIND THE PIANO AT JUBILEE ANYMORE!!!! Wha?????????????? Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Weary Love always, Paula Hanke

Sending love to you Daniel as you go forward with your next adventure. For so many years I have appreciated you and your band of musicians each Sunday. Your music has brought great joy to so many. Your presence and dedication are truly appreciated. Blessings as you discover what life holds next for you.  ~ Janet Bland

Thank you for always opening my soul with your music.  Shalom, Carol Greenspan

We are so glad we were able to thank you in person on Sunday at the retreat but wanted to send something for those days when you reflect on this chapter of your life.  You became as integral a part of Jubilee! for us, as was Howard, since we arrived at Jubilee! after you did.  Your music, talent at leadership and musical connections all have created a wonderful and important context for each celebration.  Thank you so much for all you have shared over these 20 years!  ~ Kathy and John Busse

On page 45 of Howard Hanger's book "The Main Thing," Daniel notes that he never fathomed that someday he would play "Sympathy for the Devil" in church.  One Sunday, when Howard was gone and I was tasked with focusing the Sunday meditation on dealing with our demons, the opportunity arose.  We enrolled Tebbe Davis to walk into the room with his best Satanic attire, Mick Jagger swagger, and lead the singing.  I threaded him and the music into my meditation...and Tebbe made his best effort to steal the show.  ~  Laura Collins

You will clearly be greatly missed at Jubilee. When I think about it, I have so many memories of the 20 years during which I participated every Sunday at the Jubilee Celebration, and Wednesdays with the Singers. I had so many personal "peak" experiences with you. "Beachcombers" and the pile of sand dollars. Gilkyson’s Requiem with pictures. Etc. But now as I look back from age 80 at the Jubilee!/The Singers/Our friendship, one little tiny thing stands out: the time at a choir retreat on the shores of Hickory Creek when I was trying to park, and backed into your car, putting a significant dent in it. I thought..."here we go." When I told you and you checked it just said "forget it." That little act of forgiveness has been with me ever since, the main thing, above all else.  Anam Cara, Dave Mouw

Hey, Daniel, we clearly remember the day that destiny connected you with Howard Hanger--a sunny day in May of 1999 when you were the videographer at our wedding and Howard was leading the ceremony. Since that time it's been a joy to be with you as you led the music at Jubilee Sunday celebrations for the past 20 years. You brought your skill, compassion, wit and wisdom in full measure, and we will be forever grateful for your presence in our lives. Wishing you smooth sailing ahead, dear friend.  ~ Bruce Mulkey & Shonnie Lavender

Daniel, you have been a part of my soul pod for many many years and we have been on such a wild ride together on this good ship Jubilee!  Thank you for being a kindred spirit. And thank you for all of the joy, talent, wisdom, heart, and dedication you have brought to this community for so many years in so many ways.  We have truly been blessed by you.

~ Jackie Dobrinska

With enormous gratitude, Daniel, for the many hours of music and inspiration you have provided. What you have done at Jubilee required lots of practice, coordination and hard work, yet you made it look effortless. May your next adventure be filled with all kinds of wonderfulness!   ~ Malvary Gamble

Hey Daniel, Talk about big shoes to fill! The amazing music has been such a huge part of Jubilee. You/ve been a master at selecting the songs, arranging them, writing them, coordinating and rehearsing the band, and of course, adding your piano and drum expertise. To say you’ll be missed is a dramatic understatement! The big question is, what do we do now?? Love and appreciation, Vinit Allen

Thanks for giving 12-year-old Luke a seat behind the drum kit.  A fabulous opportunity, and a big part of his musical growth!

~ Jim Taylor

Dear Daniel, thank you for all the beautiful music you have brought to Jubilee to uplift us. Your music has been a special gift to this community. Wishing you all the best in you next adventure.  Georganne Spruce

Daniel, you have given us so much, the best of life- with your music, wisdom, kindness, and compassion. You will be greatly missed on Sunday mornings. We hope to see you around the Blue Ridge often if and when possible. Please keep us in your contacts. Blessings of health, joy, and fulfillment always. Jane and Lino Stanchich

Happy Trails to you!  ~ Dave Schoemaker

Daniel, though we haven't had much contact in a long time, we've been connected since Jubilee's first version of the Earth Team, back when you were called Scott. Then over the years, so many interweavings of you, Debra, me and Little Pearls, as well as so many Sunday mornings of great music and heart. Whatever comes next, may you life be filled to overflowing with love and adventures!  ~ Linda McLean

Luv you brother blessed I've have been meeting you your Spirit of music 🎵🎵🎵 for my dance. Ty live Free ~ John Matott

Daniel, you have brought so much JOY to Jubilee over the years . Your music, your kindness and your amazing smile warmed our hearts. Thank you dear Daniel, blessings in your new adventures!  ~ Joan Naylor

Wishing you all the best Daniel- on your new adventure! Your music ives on in the hearts of many, many Jubilants.   

~ Charley Castex

You have poured so much love and your soul into the music of Jubilee! Thank you and rest and work in your own future! Such spontaneous music 🎼 Come be a jubilant listening and filling up with ❤️love!  ~ Kathleen Mcgowan

Daniel, Daniel, Daniel!  So much you have given us of yourself...I'm having a hard time imagining our "groove" without you! wishing you all the best in your future endeavors and lots of love and gratitude for all you are!  ~ Anna Isabela Reality

Daniel, thank you so much for your heartfelt music and for sharing spiritual wisdom with us. I hope you will be around sometimes, as a jubilant. Much success to you  ~ Linda Newman

I love all your music over the years. I hope your new adventure makes you happy. That's what counts in the end, my friend . Good luck.  ~ Christina Vonthronsohnhaus

Daniel provided the beat for Jubilee with fun and class.  ~ Timothy Arem

You will be so missed. Music is the heart and soul of Jubilee! and you were the conductor.  ~ Theresa Tyrrell Swann