Grounded in Creation Spirituality

Creation Spirituality combines mysticism, spiritual activism and the practice of honoring all of creation as holy gift. Free of dogma, Creation Spirituality is a way of living with deep awe, gratitude and reverence for all life...every creature, every tree, every rock, every river, every mountain. Creation Spirituality accepts every person as a mystic, prophet and co-creator endowed with the positive energy of Original Blessing, instead of held back by the limiting concept of Original Sin.  

Grounded in the Creation Spirituality concept that we are blessed by and co-create with the Divine, Jubilee! draws our spiritual inspiration from many holy teachers:  Jesus, Rumi, Hildegard, Julian of Norwich, Buddha, Black Elk and others. 

Jubilee!'s Sunday Celebrations follow Creation Spirituality’s four Vias, seasonal paths or themes focused on the beauty, mystery and cosmological spirituality of creation. Drawing on many ancient traditions, the Four Vias lead the community on journeys of meditation, love, social justice and learning that resonate with each season. 

In the Creation Spirituality tradition, Via Transformativa takes place in the spring, the time of natural resurrection, new life springing forth from the Earth, and from within us as well. Via Positiva takes places during the summer months, inspiring us to discover beauty and awe in each other, in ourselves, and in the fascinating world around us. Despite its name of Via Negativa, the fall season is also a time of celebration as we contemplate the mysteries that surround us, from the black holes of the universe to the nature of our own souls.  And from the apparent dormancy of the winter months, Via Creativa calls us to explore the imagination and creativity that underlie all of creation at every moment.

Jubilee! is a welcoming spiritual community...and no matter who you are, where you live, or what your spiritual practices are, you are invited to join Jubilee!’s Sunday Celebrations in person or online.  This is your chance to experience the power of Creation Spirituality Jubilee! style.  Infused with music, indigenous wisdom, singing bowls, creativity, poetry, generosity, thoughtful reflections, and a quirky sense of humor, this might just be the Sunday morning experience you have been yearning to try.