The Board's Role

The purpose of the Jubilee! Board of Directors is keeping the main thing, the main thing.  The Board serves the Community by:

  • Holding the vision of loving kindness to all for the Jubilee! Community
  • Maintaining a personal spiritual practice and support the spiritual life and growth of the Board and the Community
  • Providing oversight of and guidance for the Ministers and Staff
  • Participating on Committees to perform the operations work of the Community, and be receptive to recommendations from Committees, Teams and the Community
  • Using a consent decision making process
  • Listening and responding to the Community’s wishes in a manner that is respectful and congruent with Jubilee! values including compassion, authenticity, and generosity
  • Encouraging the development and nurturing of Teams
  • Mindfully communicating with each other and with the Community about our decisions while remembering to be clear and to differentiate when representing the opinion of the Board and when expressing one’s individual perspective
  • Honoring the process, giving collaboration the opportunity to work, enjoying time together and treating one another with compassion and respect while moving to solutions
  • Being fully accountable for all we do, including our fiscal responsibilities
  • Being steadfast in our fiduciary responsibilities ensuring Jubilee remains financially sound and prosperous
  • Providing the strategic direction and financial and business acumen to guide staff and the community to a fruitful future
  • Participating in Board meetings, which typically take place on the third Monday night of each month from 6:00 to about 8:00 p.m., and participating in an annual Board training
  • Being fully prepared for Board meetings by, prior to the meeting, reviewing any agendas, minutes, financial statements, or other relevant documents that have been shared electronically; then providing any suggestions or comments electronically prior to the meeting