Since Jubilee! is an inclusive faith community, everyone is welcome to join us in a “call to life!”

Everyone involved with Jubilee! is considered a Jubilant (you may even hear or read the word “Jubers” on occasion!), but not all Jubilants are members.  All Jubilants are valued for the unique way they respond to God’s call in their lives, regardless of their decision about membership.  Some Jubilants choose to be active on ministry teams, attend our celebrations regularly, financially support our community, and still choose not to become a Jubilee! member. 

Those who feel called to become members are asked to participate in “Pathways to Membership," a combined social gathering and informational overview of what Jubilee! Is all about – its structure, its teams, etc. – combined with food, music and fun!  

Members are asked to make the following commitments:

  • Accept the Jubilee! affirmations as a vision and basis of operation of the community
  • Actively participate in one of the Jubilee! Teams
  • Support Jubilee! financially through proportional giving
  • Celebrate with the community on a regular basis
  • Be intentional about nurturing and sharing one’s faith
  • Intentionally engage in activities to make the world a better place
  • Live a life focused on forgiveness, justice, imagination and joy

Once Jubilants become members, they are eligible to serve on the board, and nominate themselves or others to serve on the board.

Regardless of anyone’s choice regarding membership, we are grateful to all who celebrate with us, and for the manner in which each person responds to God’s call and participates in the life of the community.

If you are interested in becoming a member, please fill out the form below.