We call the folks who are part of our community "Jubilants," and all Jubilants age 13 and over who actively participate in and/or financially support Jubilee! are members of the Jubilee! community. Members are eligible to serve on the board, and vote in board elections.

Jubilants report the benefits they value most about belonging to our community are:

  • Being part of an inclusive community that welcomes everyone just as they are
  • Participating in Sunday Celebrations full of music, laughter, dance, creativity, joy and hope
  • Opportunities to actively be of service through teams and volunteering
  • Knowing financial contributions support those in need throughout the greater Asheville community and beyond
  • Feeling the support of a caring and compassionate community
  • Expressing and sharing spiritual beliefs without religious dogma
  • Working together to promote environmental, social and racial justice in order to create a world that works for all
  • Practicing a spirituality that honors nature in all of its forms
  • Being uplifted and uplifting others through friendships, celebrations and rituals
  • Joining together in community with others who value peace, justice, generosity, creativity and nature

Members are asked to make the following commitments:

  • Accept the Jubilee! affirmations as a vision and basis of operation of the community
  • Actively participate in one of the Jubilee! Teams
  • Support Jubilee! financially through proportional giving
  • Celebrate with the community on a regular basis
  • Live a life focused on compassion, forgiveness, justice, creativity and joy

If you are in consensus with the above commitments, are actively involved in the Jubilee! community and would like to be recognized as a member of Jubilee!, please share your contact information in our Community Directory by clicking here.