2021 Annual Membership Meeting

Jubilee! will hold our 2021 Membership Meeting immediately following the June 13th Sunday Celebration.  In addition to a financial report and a look at what the coming year holds for us as a community, Jubilants will be voting in new Board members.  To prepare for that, here are this year's nominees.

Marc Foster

Marc’s spiritual journey started in earnest during his nine-month trip to Morocco in 1970, after which he went to bible college, completed an AA in Theology and a BS in Organizational Management, and was ordained in 1979. For the next 15 years, his full-time ministry took him to 25+ countries; he taught and counseled in churches, colleges, prisons, hospitals and city streets; and has conducted over 250 ceremonies as an end-of-life and wedding celebrant. A second 15-year career was in four different hospitals as patient representative, hospitality and HR trainer, volunteer manager and director of chaplains. Marc discovered Jubilee! on a cross-country motorcycle trip in 2013, and knew from that first service that it would play a significant role in his life. During 2020, Marc regularly attended Jubilee!'s Sunday Zoom celebrations, contributed a gift of a story, took part in the special ‘pick a number’ fund drive, and made an annual financial pledge. He lives in Asheville with his loving wife, Linda Siegall, and has three adult sons and two grandchildren. He self-published his 300-page memoir in 2010, and is completing his first historical novel. His smiles come when he is playing percussion, listening to live music or gardening. Marc brings to the Board deep listening, empathy and compassion; as well as consensus building, fiscal management and planning. He hopes that Jubilee!’s future will be filled with loving personal fellowship, financial stability, and progressive responsible citizenship that will continue to impact the greater Asheville community.

Michael “Brian” McGowan

Brian says Jubilee! has been a solid presence in his life since childhood, with its passing of the peace, uplifting music and messages helping to form him into the man he has become. A high energy, multi-talented hard worker, he is excited about engaging his many skills to benefit Jubilee!  His background encompasses financial consulting with a strong emphasis on sales; running a high performance, three-person team that covered seven Southeastern states for Bank of America; providing resource development for an affiliate of an international nonprofit with over 1,800 offices; and running a hotel in San Juan, Costa Rica, that he grew from #27 to #1, winning the TripAdvisor Award of Excellence. During his many years as a Jubilant, Brian has been an innkeeper for Room At The Inn, regularly attended functions at Hanger Hall, and given generously to the hunger basket and general fund. Now he looks forward to helping Jubilee! find its voice as we move forward as a community.

Michelle Smith

Michelle has attended Jubilee! Community off and on for over 10 years. She was a member of the Earth Team and participated in the visioning of the World Cafe. More recently, you may have heard her "gifts" during Sunday services, where she has shared the eight holy days on the indigenous European Wheel of the Year. She calls herself a Societal Transformationist working to create a world that works for all in the tradition of Dr. Shariff Abdullah. She is a consultant, coach and facilitator in consent-based collaborative governance, as well as a minister and celebrant. 

Tim Moran 

Tim has been a Jubilant for about 15 years.  He is a Certified Public Accountant who owns his own business in Mars Hills helping clients manage cash flows, minimize taxes, and achieve their financial goals.  Tim grew up in Maryland and lived in California before settling down in western North Carolina.  He received his BA in Marketing and Logistics at the University of Maryland, then studied accounting at the University of North Carolina Asheville.  He is an avid hiker, mountain biker and surfer. Tim was attracted to Jubilee! because it is a loving and friendly community that encompasses many different religious and spiritual practices. Jubilee! founder Howard Hanger married Tim and his wife, and baptized their children.  Tim hopes to use his knowledge of accounting and operational systems to help Jubilee! succeed in keeping the main thing the main thing.